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Deep Cleansing & Whitening Bar


Experience total clean with one of nature’s most powerful deep cleansing ingredients – Bamboo charcoal. Feel refreshed and energized with Peppermint essential oil. Get whiter and youthful skin with all-natural ingredients from LUMIN8 Derma Complex.

Feel extra fresh and clean naturally in every wash!

  • 100% No harmful chemicals!
  • pH Balanced
  • Dermatologically formulated
ELEMI OIL - Health Benefits
♦ Antiseptic – protects against every possible infection, including those from microbes, bacteria, fungi, and viruses, along with providing protection against septic and tetanus.
♦ Skin – Wrinkles, scars, chapped, acne, rejuvenation, inflammation, rashes, controls perspiration.
♦ Helps prevent UTI, infections in the urinary bladder.

ALOE VERA - Health Benefits
♦ Disinfectant, germicidal, antiseptic.
♦ Anti-allergy – eczema, psoriasis, itchy skin, insect bites.
♦ Skin – improves the natural firmness of the skin; keeps the skin hydrated; improves skin elasticity; minimizes wrinkles; refreshes; vibrant-looking; young-looking; natural moisturizer; restores pH balance.
♦ Anti-aging.

GUAVA LEAF EXTRACT - Health Benefits
♦ Anti-inflammatory.
♦ Antibacterial.
♦ Antioxidant property – protect skin from ageing; improves skin tone and texture.
♦ Skin – relieves skin itching; prevents allergy.